A wildcard drug-dealing vagabond finds himself caught up in the disappearance of a young woman. His renegade ways lead him down a spiral of conspiracy, deceit, betrayal, and murder, ultimately resulting in dramatic revelations that threaten the free-wheeling life he once led.


We meet Mickey, a free-wheeling, easy-going mushroom dealer, shirking any real responsibility, including that of parenthood. But when he’s saddled with the sizeable debt of child-support, Mickey must find a solution, and so turns to the local biker gang for a fasttrack to funds. Mickey manages to convince the crew to front his first order of hard drugs with the promise of a swift return, but things do not go as planned. A party in the hills introduces Mickey to Indigo, an alluring young traveler caught up in a spiritual health ring. The pair go back to Mickey’s for a night of drug-fueld fun, and when Mickey wakes in the morning, he finds Indigo has left, and not only that, but he’s missing his supply and all the money he had made in the process. The bikeys show up for what is owed, and Mickey, with his life on the line, must make an offer, one they cannot pass up, in order to save his own life. After striking a new deal with the bikeys, Mickey sets off in search of Indigo


  • Lisa Rubin Teleplay Award CUFF 2022