In a desperate bid to continue her research and effectively change the world, a young scientist escapes with a billion-dollar seed patent to the commune where she was raised, unwittingly entering into a dangerous world fraught with power politics, eco-terrorism, and new-age ritual.


Riversong is an hour-long, 8-episode series that explores the corruption of power stretched between two seemingly polar institutions; that of a rural, off-grid commune, and an industrial-food megaplex. These two worlds are united by a single individual, who bridges one place to the other through the simple act of planting a seed. What unravels is a dramatic thriller that thrusts the audience into a world of eco-terrorism, new-age ritual, and corporate corruption. Inspired by Rousseauian ideals of The Social Contract, Riversong embarks on a detail of the insidious corruption of power as it manifests in both a mega-corp and in a small, utopian commune. This show exposes humanity at its most volatile and self-serving, but also at its most compassionate and caring. It strips the mask of performative idealism to expose a true expression of human nature, ultimately erupting in a collision of opposing forces. This is a crime drama like you haven’t seen; motivated not by plot (although there is plenty), but by humanity. The characters are the driving force of this story, and it is their reactions, emotions, and impulses that propagate our narrative.


  • Columbia University Film Festival Best Teleplay (Drama) 2021
  • Humanitas Prize Seminfinalist 2021